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What is CrossFit

Increased work capacity across broad times and ….

The heck does that mean?  It means you WILL get in shape.  BOOM!


CrossFit is a powerful strength and conditioning program that uses constantly varying and highly intensive movements to improve overall fitness and prepare trainees for any kind of physical demand they may encounter.  Measurable, observable, and repeatable results.  Seeing our athletes become fitter, happier, and healthier makes us tick.  


Reach a whole new level of fitness.

You’ve never worked out like this before.


At Crossfit BWI, our certified trainers will take you from any stage of fitness and help you get into the best shape you’ve ever been in with customized personal training programs and building a plan of action based on your fitness goals.

When it comes to CrossFit training in Maryland, CrossFit BWI stands apart from other gyms and other personal fitness programs because of how long we’ve been doing what we do, with a passion as intense as our training.  We are the original CrossFit gym in Maryland and we have helped thousands of people of all ages in the Baltimore area achieve a level of personal fitness that meets-and often exceeds-their own expectations.

We’re hardcore but don’t doubt for one second that YOU CAN DO IT!


Get fit now.

Join CrossFit BWI today.

Getting started is easy.  Sign up for a FREE 1:1 Intro class to see what CrossFit can do for you!


Passionate is an understatement.  When it comes to CrossFit Training, we borderline on obsessive.  Every day, we work on honing our skills and becoming more well rounded coaches. 

Our top-notch, certified coaches are here to answer your questions, interact, and learn what makes you tick.  On top of that, our athletes cheer each other on, support and keep each other accountable.