BWI: What's next

Where we're headed is just as important as where we've been.

Where we're headed is just as important as where we've been.

CrossFit BWI opened its doors in 2007 with the goal of enriching lives through fitness. Ten years later, we still believe in the power of that goal, that hasn’t changed. But there are some elements of the fitness industry that are always fluid, that continue to evolve in ways that we believe can further help YOU.

As a gym built from fitness and the community surrounding it, we are excited for the next chapter of BWI. This acronym is more than an airport code (which happens to be extremely close to the gym, but we digress). It is what we’re built with. Built with iron. Built with intensity. Or maybe built with a little of both. CrossFit BWI’s offerings will suit your fitness needs. Whether you are looking for a support team to keep you accountable, knowledgeable staff for your training, or a new fitness regimen altogether, we are built to serve you.

To the CrossFit BWI members who have BUILT with us and those who continue to grow, we are excited to bring you along for the newest chapter for the BWI team.

Please bear with us as we update some systems that may still have the 12 Labours BWI namesake. Our goal is to have everything updated in the next few months. Please feel free to ask any staff members for clarification during this time!