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We are Built With Fitness

And we want you.


We bring the CrossFit methodology of fitness and nutrition to every athlete, ever day.  Our vision is to show the masses how they can achieve the reality of elite level of fitness.  From Special Forces to expecting mothers, college athletes to business execs, and grandparents to grandkids, we deliver a positive training experience with our training regimen.


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We believe Fitness is for EVERYONE.



CrossFit BWI is scalable and adapted to every individual’s skill and ability level.  It’s an inclusive community.  And when we say “community,” we mean it.  Our members are our most valuable asset and we strive to foster a nurturing, caring environment where CrossFit enthusiasts of all ages can feel welcome.

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You are the secret to our success.

We’re here to support YOU.


Of course, the greatest key to your success is you.  Achieving elite levels of fitness is a process that takes time, determination and the watchful eye of our dedicated staff of coaches.  Whatever you fitness level is today and whatever your fitness goals may be, we are there to help and guide you every step of the way.  As with any endeavor you may choose to participate in, having fun is the glue that holds it all together.  CrossFit has no peer in the ability to foster a sense of accomplishment and team-building amongst its participants.  So get started if you haven’t already!

Yes, you will be challenged within - and sometimes beyond - your limits, but we assure you, you’ll end every workout with a smile and a high five.



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Our Coaches

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